How We Report Traffic Fatalities On This Site

Preliminary fatality data comes from daily crash reports provided by the Virginia State Police.

The daily counter on the left shows crash fatalities that occur on the referenced day.

The number on the right shows the total number of traffic fatalities since Jan. 1, 2010.

There will be times when the year-to-date total on the right jumps more than the number reported on the daily counter on the left. This is because the year-to-date total includes deaths that occur after the date of the accident.

For example, if there were two crashes on the referenced day where drivers died on the scene, the daily counter would read two. If a motorist died on the referenced day from injuries sustained in a crash a week before, the year-to-date tally would rise by three, while the fatality count for the previous day’s crashes indicated only two deaths for that time period.